Education Program


Liberia’s education system remains fragile due to the impact of the prolonged and brutal civil war that lasted for over 14 years in the country. The system is still in the rebuilding process, as many Liberian students still lack access to quality education and better learning facilities. The country’s education system is considerably behind most other African countries in almost all statistics regarding education. The system was referred to as “messy” due to the poor performance of high school students in the country’s senior national exams.

Knowledgeable about these challenges, we at Nation One Academy attach value and place extra emphasis on our kids acquiring quality education. This will remain our focus in order to prepare our aspiring kids for successful and long-lasting careers aside from football. With support from our lead partner, Carver Mission School, our education program does not only focus on the provision of basic learning skills (reading, writing), and moral guidance, but also create a learning environment that enables them to do collaborative and successful teamwork, enhance their ability to do research and defend new ideas.

Based on the technological advancement within our everyday lives, we also provide computer science education for our kids to experience new technologies and gain an additional understanding of how technology works and how it impacts their daily lives.

In addition, we have an established network of international partners that assist us in providing scholarship opportunities for outstanding kids at the academy. Since our establishment in 2016, thus far our partners have provided numerous scholarship opportunities for outstanding players in the United States.