Football Program


Our primary objective at NationOne Academy is the wellbeing of our student athletes. We seek to cultivate their minds and provide resources to enhance their athletic competency and skill level to prepare them for successful careers as professional footballers at any level. We want to provide opportunities for them to simultaneously obtain a grade A education while nurturing sound character, work ethic and a “you can do it” attitude.

Education makes up the foundational building blocks to success. As such, NationOne Academy has designed a student athlete scholarship program. This scholarship program provides a graduate pathway for students with strong academic potential to have the opportunity to further their education with partnering boarding schools in the U.S.

With our elite coaching staff, our players undergo eminent skilled training, including individual tactics while guided by renowned professional coaches. We also encourage mind development, thus we have a wide variety of cognitive skills and decision-making training to help develop our players on the pitch.

Our hope is that our student athletes will grow into professional athletes with a firm foundation and will use their professional platform to inspire, create and lead positive change in Liberia and the world. With this in mind, Nation One Academy believes that professional football training at the academy level is a gateway to prepare the next generation of not only professional players but extraordinary individuals.

We believe in our graduates; they are the future of Liberia, as such we are working endlessly to provide them the utmost resources to ensure they win not only on the field but in life.