2017 has been an incredible year for young Milton Jones at the prestigious Fay School not just on the soccer field but in class as well. Before wining the MVP on his soccer team we knew that Milton was a special kid. We recruited Milton at the age 10 at a local community tournament held by our academy where he displayed his talent.

We all were astonished at his skills but our worry at that time was, if he was as great of a student in school as well as an excellent athlete. After testing him we soon realized that he had scored high in our testing process and was qualify to be enrolled into our academy. We still remember how ecstatic he along with his parents were. Our Academy agenda is to empower the youth through education, sports and character development.

As we work with Milton and so many other kids at our soccer academy in Liberia we prepare them for such opportunities received by Milton Jones. Thanks to our partner Fay School for giving Milton the opportunity to study at such prestigious educational institution.