After winning the Orange Liberia U-15 Football Challenge in November 2021, nine of our student-athletes had the chance to travel outside of Liberia for the first time in July 2022 when they had the chance to represent Liberia in the 2022 “Orange Sponsors Challenge.”

Orange Liberia fully sponsored for their journey to Morocco in order to provide young football-loving youngsters under the age of 15 the chance to pursue their passion.

The “Orange Sponsors Change” campaign is special because it blends a love of football with a dedication to the environment. This was initially introduced in 2018 in Liberia and Cameroon, and which was expanded to Egypt and Tunisia in 2019.

Our student-athletes accomplished the exceptional by taking home the first-ever pan-African edition of the “Orange Sponsors Change” despite never having participated in an international tournament before. They drew 0-0 in regulation time for the grand game on July 2, then defeated Mali 5-4 on penalties.

Prior to reaching the final, they advanced by defeating Burkina Faso 2-0 in the semifinal, the Ivory Coast 2-0, the Central African Republic 2-0, Senegal 1-0, and crushed Morocco 10-0 in the group stage. Our boys made us extremely proud.